Skin lightening for African Americans

What are the unique characteristics of black skin?

Black skin has different properties in that it is more susceptible to developing uneven skin tones and developing discolorations.  The skin becomes irritated easily and is extra sensitive.  Women and men of color require special formulated products specially made for their unique skin type.  Most general over-the-counter products are not appropriate.  Black skin can see seasonal changes; even day to day changes.  Changes in weather such as humidity, wind, heat and cold can create a challenge.  Women experiencing stress, hormonal changes and illness may see drastic changes in their skin’s health.  Dark spots on African American skin may be caused by many conditions.  The most common is hyper pigmentation.  These results in dark marks on the skin, mostly on the face, arms, and neck, the areas most exposed to the suns rays.  Dark marks also become more apparent from cuts, wounds, or other scars.  The dark spots are much more common with dark skin than lighter skinned people.  These dark spots are not usually permanent and may fade over time. There are several treatments available to diminish the spots.

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